June 2017 Educator of the Month

We are in the final month of the first half of 2017 and it’s been a wild ride so far!  Take a look at this month’s educator of the month nominees and what their students had to say then vote for your favorite!  Don’t forget to PLEASE share this and ask others to vote too!  Our educators work hard and deserve all the recognition we can give!

The Nominees

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Lacey’s Freshmen Fresh Styles!

Never a class to disappoint, Ms Lacey’s Freshmen have brought us another stellar competition!  Take a look at the styles below (front and back!) and decide which YOU think is the overall BEST!

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May 2017 Educator of the Month

2017 doesn’t seem intent on sticking around very long – it’s already May!  Of course with the new month comes a new round of Educator of the Month voting!  Take a look at the students’ choices below and what the students had to say about the nominees!  Vote for your favorite and don’t forget to share this and ask for others to vote too!

The Nominees

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Ms Renee’s Esthetics Makeup Marvels!

Ms Renee’s freshmen are tired of being left out of the contest picture and they have brought the beauty BIG TIME with the latest entry in our long running series of student contests!  Take a look at the entries below and let us know who YOU thought did the best overall job with their makeup application!  After you’ve voted PLEASE be sure to share this post and ask others to vote!  Our proto-professionals deserve some amazing feedback on this one!

Now, take a look at the final entries and place your vote!

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April 2017 Educator of the Month

We have reached the second quarter of 2017 and time is flying!  Check out our April Educator of the Month Nominees below and read what the students at #GCIBoro had to say!  Be sure to vote for your choice and SHARE THIS!

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Two-Face Freshmen Fiasco!

Ms Lacey’s freshmen are not to be stopped!  This time around, they’ve brought us some beautifully crafted two-face looks.  Working in teams of two (and one team of three), the students challenged and pushed each other until they reached a new level of ability!  Take a look at the entries below the gallery and let us know who YOU think won!

The Entries!

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March 2017 Educator of the month

Creative updos by Ms Lacey’s amazing Freshmen

If you follow us on Facebook , you’ve probably noticed that our proto-professionals have technical skill in SPADES, even as they START their programs!  To push their capabilities and creativeness, they were challenged to create the best updo they could muster – and below you will see the astounding results!

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The Entries

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February 2017 Educator of the Month!

#GCIBoro’s year keeps rolling along and we need your help to choose our February Educator of the Month!  Unlike most months previous, this time we have FOUR finalists (thanks to a tie) for you to peruse and choose!  Remember, the total number of nominations and online votes all figure into the Educator of the Year calculation, so be sure to share this to help your favorite instructor!

Our poll will remain open for one week and the winner will be announced at next week’s staff meeting!

Our Nominees

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