January 2017 Educator of the Month!

Twenty sixteen was an amazing and quick year!  Once the dust had settled Ms Latonya was named our Classroom Champion, Ms Amy the runner up for Educator of the Year and Ms Sara winning it all with the Educator of the Year award.  Who will win this year!?

As with last year, every month students will nominate their choices for Educator of the Month.  Each ballot contains a space for the student to explain why their pick should win the overall prize.  The three educators with the most votes for the month are then pitted head to head to head in an online poll where we ask all of our students, staff and social media community to vote for their favorite educator. Along with each educator photo, we will provide a few quotations of what the students had to say.  The online poll will remain active until Wednesday afternoon of the following week with the winner announced and awarded at staff meeting and announced on our Facebook page.

At the end of the year, the total number of nominations, online votes and average vote totals are calculated together to decide who will win the Educator of the Year awards!

Take a look at this month’s nominees and vote for your favorite!  Please also share this blog and ask others to participate! We love our educators and they deserve to know just how much we love them!

The Nominees:

Vote now!

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