June Educator of the Month!!!

IMG_20150306_112703As the early days of summer arrive, the proto-professionals at Georgia Career Institute – Murfreesboro campus are knee deep in instruction from their amazing educators.  Every day these educators devote their skills, their time and occasionally their tears to helping each and every one of our students reach their goals in the beauty and wellness industry!  With that in mind, we bring you or June Educator of the Month nominees, as nominated by the students of the school!

This year, we are continuing our Educator of the Month series for this calendar year and the rules are more-or-less the same as they were for the final months of 2015:

Students can nominate any teacher they wish and they are provided a space to write why their selection should win.  When all nominations are counted the top three (3) square off here on the blog for the top spot.  Educator profiles featuring the words of their students’ is included in each monthly poll. Furthermore, when a teacher wins for the month, that teacher will not be able to make it to the final round of voting for the next two months, but they may still receive nominations.  These nominationswill be counted towards the student chosen Educator of the Year, even if they are disqualified from the final monthly vote. As an example, if I were to win in March, I wouldn’t be eligible to win again until June!

Below you will find our nominees along with the words of their charges – take a look and vote for your favorite!  PLEASE don’t forget to pass this on and ask others for votes!  We love our educators and we want them to have an amazing turnout!

Start your journey, drop us a line!


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