Amy’s Animakeup Altercation!

dum Dum DUUUMMMMMMN – Ms Amy’s class is back again with an amazing contest that finds her proto-professionals pitted against one another to create makeup art that looks like it was ripped straight out of a comic book, manga or anime series.  For two and a half hours, the artists created and refined vivid looks inspired by famous characters and breathtaking art styles firmly rooted in illustration, animation and over-the-top expression.   The process was something amazing to behold:

Take a look below at the shots of our models before and after the lengthy makeup application.  Who do YOU think best transformed their model into something that captures the spirit of modern comics and anime – choose your favorite below and please share this blog!  Our students work dang hard, and they deserve your support!

Vote here!

How many times have you voted in our contests?

And why haven’t you reached out to us yet to schedule a tour!  Drop us a line below and we’ll reach out to you about taking a look around our Murfreesboro campus (or one of our campus’ in Columbia, McMinnville or Conyers, GA).  Take the first steps towards your future career in beauty!


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