Amy’s Transgender Makeup Contest

Just when I thought Amy and her crew of Esthetics proto-professionals couldn’t blow me away anymore than they already had, they pull this magnificent rabbit out of the hat!  For a few hours, men and women on our campus were were painted, sculpted and re-haired to create a menagerie of transgender looks*. Take a look below and let us know who you think did the best job of transforming their model!

And, yes, yours truly was one of the models!

Don’t wait to start your future!

We are always looking for those that have passion for beauty and wellness!  If you love our contests or you are just curious to learn more, drop us a line below and we’ll reach out to you!



*We are using transgender in the most generic of ways.  This contest is not intended to degrade or bully anyone’s gender identity or sexual orientation.  This is a contest about challenging our students to push their skills outside of the currently accepted box and having fun while doing it!


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