DSCN0477October is here and we are getting ready to bring you some of our proto-professionals best work!  Throughout the month we will be participating in multiple contests to help welcome the autumn and build us towards the epic Halloween face-off that is sure to come!

TODAY we bring you not one but two voting contest from two of our departments!

Cosmetology lessons in creativity

First up are Ms Mandy’s Freshmen Cos nights, who were challenged to incorporate the techniques they have been practicing for the past two weeks.  More than that, they were encouraged to travel outside of the box with their designs and the results are incredible and dynamic; ranging from elegant understatement to over-the-top color-fest!  I do owe Ms Mandy and her class a bit of an apology, as there was an issue with the first round of photos that ended with me having pictures of each mannequin head, but not all from the same angle.  To help address this, I attempted to choose a photo for each model that represents the overall style the best (hence a few profile shots!).


Next up to bat is Ms Kayla’s Nail Tech Days, who were tasked with creating a set of nails based on the colors and logo of a randomly selected NFL team! Students were given roughly a week to design and create a complete set that was then place on top of the actual team logo so YOU can compare for yourself!  As always, each set are a collection of mini-masterpieces!


Vote now!

Where are you?

And why aren’t you here yet?  Whether you’ve always wanted to do hair, nail, skin or massage – we have the beauty and wellness program for you!  Drop us a line below and we’ll reach out to you about possible scheduling a tour of our newest campus!



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