September has slipped away!

20150917_08005440It feels like just yesterday we were welcoming in 2015 with eyes turned to the future and now we are on the edge of the final quarter of the year!  September at #GCIBoro was a month full of amazing fun!  In addition to just having awesome classes and clinics daily, our proto-professionals and their Educators engaged in a menagerie of competitions, team building, in-class projects and visits from some of the local industry’s  best of the best!  Add to that our constant stream of graduates completing their programs and entering the working world and you have a Georgia Career Institute campus fully engaged and committed to it’s students’ success!


Each month we endeavor to expose our students to not only the best educational materials available but also to industry insiders and professionals.   Some of our special guests speak to our students about the realities of the jobs to be done, giving practical advice for how to survive and thrive in the world of beauty.  Others will provide in depth demonstrations and how-tos, giving our students some of the best educational experiences around.  Some even come with the goal of interviewing and HIRING current students!

September saw a near record number of special guest speakers and demonstrators including (but not necessarily limited to): Poppy & Monroe of Nashville, Uncle Classic’s Barber Shop, A Salon 2 Dye 4, Hand & Stone and the Rain Tree Salon and Spa!  We owe so much to each of these wonderful companies for their supporting the dreams and goals of #GCIBoro’s proto-professionals!

Non-Contest In Class Events


20150925_112612As many of you have come to realize, we don’t limit our special events to guest speakers and voting competitions – that’d be boring!  Our classes often engage in hands-on activities in groups to encourage team building as well as recognizing resources that may not be the ‘norm.’

To this, both Ms Amy’s and Ms Sara’s class delivered in spades.  The former challenged her class to both a wax relay (to see who can best wax a pair of legs, with a minimum of spilled wax) and a rousing game of the floor is lava (joined by Ms Julia’s class)!  The second game was intended to force the students to work as a team on a problem that seemed nearly impossible.

Ms Sara’s class turned up the heat in a completely different way: by using common household such as raw eggs, yogurt and mayonnaise they created a homemade deep conditioner which they then applied to each other’s hair.  Smartly, Ms Sara added just a pinch of vanilla extract to the blend to help with any unpleasant odors from the perishable conditioning concoction!

September even includes a day in which yours truly (Mr Jonathan) gives a couple of lectures on the importance of the US Constitution. We challenged our students to dress in their most professionally patriotic  outfit and join us for presentations and discussions on our nation’s founding document. A challenging quiz was given to the students and only TWO of our entire campus received perfect scores!  Remember – the longest any one person can currently serve as our nation’s president is TEN years, not eight!


Contests and Competitions

One of our absolutely favorite things to do with our students is to challenge them to push their skills to the limit.  While there are a multitude of methods we use to ensure this goal is met we often arrange for voting competitions to be held between classmates, classes and even programs.  This month was no exception to our pattern, posting three dynamite competitions and eliciting the second highest number of views per month in the short history of this blog with over 5,366 views (and counting!).

Two of these contests belongs to Ms Sara and her class of unfairly talented intermediate proto-professionals.  The first of these was similar to a hairstyle recreation contest.  Instead of looking at a photo of a hairstyle and trying to mimic it on a mannequin head, she gave her students photos of objects (like a particular style of house) and asked them to create a style that would serve as an abstract representation of their assigned photo. This challenge resulted in some of the best hairstyle results we’ve seen so far!  Additionally, Ms Sara’s class completed a #BeardWars challenge, in the spirit of the upcoming Halloween holiday!  Each student was given the resources to create truly great beard styles – and they didn’t hesitate!

Not one to be outdone, Ms Amy collaborated with her students to create a sideshow makeup contest. Much as it sounds, the sideshow competition brought us a little taste of Halloween to whet our collective appetite.  Students were broken into teams in which the Esthetic students were charged with applying makeup and special techniques to re-create a stunning sideshow look! Each team had a model as well as a student from Cosmetology to help with the hair and nails.  The ensuing parade around the building and week of online voting only went to show just how talented our students already are – and they haven’t even graduated!

October isn’t going to let us down when it comes to contests and competitions either: coming tonight we have a new contest from Ms Mandy’s Freshmen nights class as well as an NFL inspired nail-art competition!  Stay tuned for these!


Fond farewells – goodbye to the Graduates!

The most bittersweet moments we face at #GCIBoro almost always involve graduations.  As a student completes their program, we are all forced to step back and visualize all of the changes and growth that student has made in their time with us.  We watch them say goodbye to new friends and dedicated teachers as the prepare to make the first steps into their professional careers. There can be absolutely no doubt that our graduates leave an indelible mark on us, both figuratively and literally as all of our graduates sign our Graduate Wall!  Below you will find a sparse collection of some of the celebrations we shared this month.   While it’s always hard to make sure every grad is represented in the wrap-up monthly blog, rest assured that we are all moved and honored when a student succeeds and moves forward in life!

All of this awesome and the only question is…

Why aren’t you a part of it!? START YOUR JOURNEY into the beauty and wellness industries! Drop us a line today and we’ll reach out to you about arranging a time to come and tour our newest campus in Murfreesboro, TN! We’re dying to meet you!


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