Sara’s Conceptual September Competition

Last time Ms Sara had a contest, I made the mistake of not getting it posted right away and for that I’m incredibly sorry!  This time, her class full of proto-professionals were challenged to create a hairstyle based on a photograph (or series of photographs) of an object that was not hair related in any way.  In previous contest, we’ve had a LOT of recreations, tributes and style themes, but never something quite as abstract as this one. Houses, fruit and seashells – oh my!

Check out the entries below, along with their inspirational photos and let us know who YOU think did the best job representing their photograph! After you’ve voted, share this post and let others know about this contest!  Who will win?  YOU DECIDE!!

Now’s the time to drop us a line if you are interested in learning more about our school!  Are you curious about what be waiting for you down the career path of beauty?  Let us know and we’ll reach out to schedule a tour of our Murfreesboro Campus!

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