An Awesome August

20150813_113420After the breakneck pace of a three week-long July you would be forgiven for thinking that we may have slowed down a bit.  Perhaps we’re ready to take a breather and sit back? Not even close. August was a month full of contests, events, graduations and incredible in-class ingenuity.  Oh and a month of adorable.  Check out this kitten our students rescued behind our building!  She was without mom or family, and they made sure she got a fantastic home! #KindnessCounts.

Hairstyles, nail-styles and votes – oh my!

Easily the favorite of educators and proto-professionals, #GCIBoro’s contests this month were lead exclusively by the incredible Cosmetology program, days and nights.  Ms Sara’s contest challenged her students’ creativity and technical skill by focusing on an aspect of their education that isn’t a daily exercise: they had to create nail-art. To be clear, our Cosmetology program absolutely includes teaching and training needed to give our students the skills and confidence needed to do a killer set of nails!  The difference in this contest is that they are being charged with creating original art on the canvas that is a set of nails, when almost all of their practical practice thus far has been targeted on the hair aspect of their future careers!

Never one to sit idly by while there is something beautiful to be created, Ms Meme’s Night Cosmetology rocked another home-run of a competition with their Grease challenge.  After being taught certain techniques, the Night Owls were then challenged to test all of their new skills by creating hairstyles based on the musical-movie, Grease. Some students created styles that were almost perfect representations of what we see in the film, while others took a more out-of-the-box approach to their mannequin manes, drawing inspiration from the film, but making it their own!

Events and more!

11035933_1630968713831152_4144748106250949946_nAs you may have noticed, we’re pretty proud of our new campus here in Murfreesboro, TN.  In addition to our daily classes and near-weekly contests,
we try to bring in people from the surrounding professional community to see what we have to offer, but more importantly, to see what our STUDENTS have to offer.  I don’t mean to brag, but every single person we’ve brought into visit has walked away gobsmacked at how impressive every bit of our school is!11903895_1630968723831151_7082452757944862387_n

August saw us court visitors from a several local big-players in the beauty industry.  We hosted seminars and talks featuring some of the star players at Joico AND Rusk.  CND (Creative Nail Design) even conducted a training seminar for professional nail-tech from all over the industry – some were GCI grads, others were just getting their first taste – and what a yummy day they were treated to! Ms Tonia also took her class down to State Beauty supply for a brief tour and some fantastic how-to’s (including how to use PLAYING CARDS to create lasting curls).  The date this blog is originally posted on will see us hosting the State Board of Cosmetology and local business owners to discuss the newest rules and regulations put into place!

We sure do fancy events, but what’s the classroom like!?


Yes – we love to do events and make a big deal out of everything we can, but what is the day-to-day life in the classroom look like for students at GCI Murfreesboro?  Well, it’s fun, informative and just a little bit crazy from time to time.  As an example, Ms Kayla and Ms Amy decided independently of one another to push their student’s abilities to the edge of sensation – literally. Both classes (on the same day, no less) began practicing their crafts while blindfolded.  Ms Kayla’s class spent the morning trying to determine which student could best paint a set of nails on the courageous and fantastic new nail-tech instructor Beckham!

Ms Amy’s blinded bout took on appearances that ranged from the meditative and serene to absurd and giggle-filled tickle-fights.  In order to help her student become one with the facial massage, she had each of her proto-professionals practice giving a facial massage to a fellow student while completely  blindfolded. Her hypothesis is that taking away the visual portion of the process forces each student to feel the massage, making it a more intuitive and intimate learning experience that reinforces itself. By the time they graduate, you could say they could do the job with their eyes closed!

Of course, we don’t walk around all day with blindfolds on!  We crowned our August 2015 student of the month (well done Ms Denise) as well has awarded Ms Erin her SECOND educator of the month prize so far this year!  Freshmen in Cos-Day got a lesson on how to de-stress their feet at the end of a long day with basic items from your kitchen cabinets – the water was too hot for a few of them to ‘de-stress’ and the faces they made were the opposite of relaxed! Esthetics stayed busy with three-dimensional recreations of bacteria AND a live-extraction from current Cosmetology student that has requested to remain anonymous! HA! When you combine all of that awesome with the grind of getting ready for state board – whether it’s packing your kit or painting up Daniel’s nails – and you get an amazing August so fantastic that it’d be a crime to call it anything but AWESOME!

Alas, we’ve reached the end

As always, we close the monthly recap with a glimpse at a handful of goodbyes!  It feels like every month we have to say farewell to someone that has become a staple in our daily lives – and that’s because we do just that!  Across their time here at #GCIBoro, each student’s journey becomes just as personal for us as it is for them – and so our hearts swell with bitter-sweet pride at how much growing they all do during their short time with us as they prepare to say bon voyage and join the working world. As I mentioned, this is a shadow of a glimpse at all of the graduations and celebrations we enjoyed this month!

Tired of sitting on the sideline?

Are you just DYING to find out what all the fuss is about?  Ready to explore the options for YOUR future? Drop us a line below and we’ll reach out to you to schedule a tour!  We’re looking forward to meeting you! 🙂


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