July’s Jollity!

IMG_20150701_13334220150729_184217As July began, students and teachers were celebrating summer break and the summer was beginning to heat up. Given that we only had three active weeks in which to make an impact, you would be forgiven for thinking that we may have gotten less completed – but nothing could be further from the truth! Not only did July give us three blockbusting hairstyle contests, the blog received a record number of visitors and the second highest number of views per month so far this year. We showcased our freshmen talent, some of the work of our McMinnville proto-professionals and crowned our first ever Educator of the Month from the Massage Therapy program.  What else was going on at #GCIBoro in July?  Read on to find out!

Cosmetology Talents

Our most popular feature by far are our voting contests put together by the students and their instructors. While we usually feature contests from more than one program each month, July definitely belong to the Cosmetology program! Our first competition of the month came about during a visit Ms Julia and I (Mr Jonathan) made to our McMinnville campus early in the month.  While helping with the month’s financial aid packaging, we noticed a line of amazing manikin heads that were styled to-the-hilt.  Never one to miss an opportunity (and with the permission of McMinnville’s campus director Ms Vicki Mize) we snapped a few pictures of the students’ work and posted them to allow our audience to help choose the best!

20150731_12531620150731_125257Never ones to sit idly by when a good competition is waiting to be had, the Freshmen ‘cos teachers decided to challenge their new students.  In this contest, every student was allowed to styled one manikin head by utilizing each of the skills and techniques that have learned so far in theory class.  The entries were incredible and the voting response was absolutely epic. Check out the entries below!

20150723_103210Educator of the Month

20150723_103218If nothing else happened in the month of July, Colt’s winning of the Educator of the Month award would be enough to warrant a month-in-review!  Not only is Colt the first educator from the Massage Therapy department to win Educator of the Month but he won the award and this campus isn’t even his fulltime campus!  The aforementioned McMinnville Campus has been lucky enough to have him as an educator for awhile now and they were nice enough to share some of his talent with our proto-professionals!  Colt is a true professional dedicated to both his craft of Massage Therapy and his job as an educator!

Miscellany of Awards and events

What else was happening in July?  Well, we continued to award Elite status to only the best of the best and we hosted a mini-career fair for all of our current students and graduates.  We were visited by a number of local employers who, in addition to interviewing possible future employees, also provided a mock-interview opportunity for our current students that aren’t quite ready to enter the working world! The kind representative from Uncle Barbershops stayed past the appointed time to leave to give an impromptu talk to students about what Uncle’s is doing in the industry and what they are looking for in future employees and leaders.

Farewell to the best!

As always, some of the sweetest and most bitter of times come mingled together in some awfully powerful package of overwhelming emotion and GCI graduations are the epitome of this truth.   We are boundlessly proud to see our students grow into budding professionals, but saying goodbye to people that have become such a part of your everyday life is never easy – they become a part of the family and are always missed!  While the following picture album isn’t exhaustive, it will give you a good taste of some of our Graduation Celebrations!

Want to be a part of the next monthly wrap-up?

Are you just DYING to find out what all the fuss is about?  Ready to explore the options for YOUR future? Drop us a line below and we’ll reach out to you to schedule a tour!  We’re looking forward to meeting you! 🙂


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