IMG_20150306_112703June saw our first ever repeat-winner for Educator of the month with Ms Amy’s second (non-consecutive) win! With that win, we had no educator profile to post, because we had already posted her’s two months earlier.  Since it’s been a minute since we’ve had an official entry, here’s a refresher:

We would probably all agree that the willingness to work hard is a positive trait, but we would probably also agree that most hard work goes unnoticed! In trying to be the change I would like to see in the world, I decided it would be important and good to begin recognizing the folks that are the very reason I have a job: the educators.

Each month, we hand out ballots to our students to select their nominee for the Educator of the Month award. The rules for voters are simple: they may voteany teacher in the building except the one whose class they are currently in! They may tout the virtues of their teachers to other students not in their class, but voting for their own is prohibited!

Once the votes have been tallied, the winner of the most votes will be named Educator of the Month so long as they did not win in the previous month. That doesn’t mean your votes would be wasted, however, because the educator with the most votes at the end of the year will named Educator of the Year!

Colt T. Sain

20150723_103246What is your name?

Colt T. Sain

When did you start your journey in the beauty industry?

I began my education in massage in 2008 with Georgia Career Institute.

How did you hear about GCI?

I was approached by the McMinnville campus in June of 2013 regarding an instructor position. I was elated at the opportunity and took the offer without hesitation. I has been a great privilege to educate others in the industry that I enjoy.

What do you enjoy most about teaching?

The most enjoyable part of being an instructor is watching the garden of inquisitive minds flourish and produce fruit. This fruit is one that feeds anyone who seeks to improve one’s quality of life. Massage therapy can change the outcome in a persons health and knowledge of preventative care is the first step. Our students offer that and do so with great compassion. I and others like me are just here to clear a path for any person who desires to reach out and help others by first helping themselves. At the end of the day if my students can leave the class knowing more than when they woke up that morning then it has been a good day.

What advice would you share fellow and aspiring educators? 20150723_103218

To be an educator is a great responsibility. Much like tending a garden you must be patient, diligent, and dedicated. The task can seem tedious but no payoff has a richer reward. Educators are cornerstones of evolution. To ensure the future, you must pass on your knowledge so the garden can continue to grow. Students of today are educators of tomorrow.


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