GCI DAYS Murfreesboro Freshmen Hairstyle Contest!

The unstoppable Ms Tonia!

Here we go!  Sure, our posting has been a bit anemic this month, but we’re closing out July 2015 with a SECOND hairstyle contest in addition to our current McMinnville Campus competition! This time, we have Ms Tonia’s Freshmen competing to see who can create the best looking hairstyle utilizing all of the skills and product they have learned about up to this point!

Hopefully you know the drill, but just in case: be sure to check out ALL of the styles below and voting for your favorite.  Polling will run for one week!  Remember to share this post and ask others to vote for your favorite!

Our styles:

You can refresh the page to change the order, size and arrangement of the pictures below!

Like what you see here?  Want to see what YOUR capable of? Ready to explore the options for YOUR future? Drop us a line below and we’ll reach out to you to schedule a tour!  We’re looking forward to meeting you! 🙂


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