What a June!

Where were you when June Started? Where are you now?

Can I be honest?

This month was insane. We already have half of the year behind us, which means we’ve only got 6 more months to make 2015 a year to remember! The past month we have hosted numerous events for current and graduated students, hosted a red-cross blood drive, had spirit week and so many online-offline voting competitions that we nearly doubled this blogs view count for the year.  That means the month of June 2015 had almost as many views as the first five months of the year combined.

10559857_10152858474388336_7174271817917863159_nRepeat offender

You may have noticed there was no new June Educator of the Month blog and it’s not because we forgot or decided not to give out the award.  June 2015 saw our first ever repeat winner for the coveted prize with Amy Kyser once again, and quite handily.  Well done, Amy!  You are in the running for Educator of the Year! Our July Educator will be announced next week!

Eventful Evenings  (and days!)

Not content to sit idly by as the first half of the year came to a close, GCI Murfreesboro Campus shot into the summer full of special events leading up to the July 4th summer-holiday.  Our Educator of the Month’s father (Rickey Turner) visited to provide our proto-professionals with some basic-special-effects-makeup-how-to, somehow transforming one of our most beautiful students into a terrifying creature of fright.

The American Red Cross visited us again in June and were so successful they ran out of containers to hold the blood – a vampires dream come true!

Finally, the week of June 22 was Georgia and Tennessee Career Institutes’ Spirit Week!  Each day was assigned a special theme and students, faculty and staff were encouraged to dress up and show off their spirit in the homestretch to summer break! Starting with Monday, the daily themes were (respectively) Team Spirit day, Crazy Hair/Hat day, Favorite Decade Day, Dress as Your Icon day and finally American Spirit day in honor of the date commemorating the signing of the Declaration of Independence.

Democracy of beauty

As you may have noticed, we really enjoy having various contests and competitions each month, and June set a new standard for not only what these contests can look like, but for how much interest each contest inspires.

Beginning with a Bodacious Battle of Beards and moving on to Fantasy Makeup, Makeup Makeovers, Choosing contest themes and wrapping up with a ridiculously impressive set of Wonderful World of Walt nail-art, the students and faculty of #GCIBoro flexed creative muscles I wasn’t even aware existed.

The best part?

GRADUATIONS! Contests, teacher awards and campus events pale in comparison to the heart-swelling pride and joy of watching a student graduate. As with every month, we said goodbye to what felt like too many graduates that I felt we were just beginning to get to know!  The most exciting part of it all is knowing that while our days continue here on campus as they always have, our graduates’ journeys are truly just beginning!

We also started a new tradition:

We haven’t had the best luck in the past when it comes to large, formal graduations ceremonies. Between over crowding into small venues, venues being so large they swallow us whole and venues with awful climate control, it seemed the Universe was trying to tell us something.  After months of trying to solve the problem we came up with an experiment: hold a graduate reception on our campus!

After reaching out over social networks, email, text messages and mailed flyers to all of our graduates for a month, we hosted our First Annual GCI Murfreesboro Graduate Reception.  For some, the ink was still fresh on their certificate, while others had yet to step foot in our year-old campus.  After a fantastically fun night reconnecting with old friends and networking with potential colleagues, the decision to make this event a yearly tradition was literally a no-brainer.

Are you just DYING to find out what all the fuss is about?  Ready to explore the options for YOUR future? Drop us a line below and we’ll reach out to you to schedule a tour!  We’re looking forward to meeting you! 🙂


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