Fantastical Fantasy Make-up Poll!

Ms Julia’s Esthetics class is flexing their beauty muscles to bring you another great contest!  This time, the students were challenge to create a fantastical-fantasy based look on their fellow proto-professionals. Take a look at the gallery below and vote for the makeup number you like the most!

The pictures for this contest are a little different: due to the shape of the face, it can be difficult to show the details on each piece of the application (side of face, font of face, eyelids, lips etc).  In order to try and account for that this time, we are posting a couple of pictures of each application to show the applied details.

Each student had a different take – some subtle, some bombastic – but they are all COMPLETELY gorgeous!  Let these students know who YOU think did the best job

Want in on the next contest?  Give us a shout and schedule a time to come in for a tour! Our Murfreesboro location is just over one year old and we’d LOVE to show you arololund!

Give us a shout today so we can get YOU on the path to being the beauty professional you dream of being!


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