My-my, what a Marvelous May!

Where has this year gone!?  As we inch closer to the official start of summer, let’s take a quick look back at this past month of contests, events and good old-fashioned learnin.’


Join us, won’t you? 

This month, we celebrated one year in our new building! The graduate wall is beginning to fill up! Where’s YOUR signature!?

 Appreciation for public service

Having a beautiful new building and motivated staff, faculty and student body can only carry a school so far down the road of success.  As can be evidenced by this very blog, we try to give back to our community and surrounding communities.  We don’t do this just for our own gain, but because we know that as we help lift up those around us, they also help lift us.

For our in-house give-back event we hosted local homeless Veterans for a day of spa pampering.  The gentlemen were kind enough to let our professionals-in-training practice and refine their skill on a group of folks that more than deserve the treatment!

The Seal-Team-Six of beauty school Esthetics departments worked tirelessly from the early morning before the vets’ arrival to ensure a stress free day of unwinding and luxury treatment.

20150514_091156Additionally, our Nail Technology and Massage Therapy Departments traveled to two local schools to help celebrate Teacher Appreciation week!  While at Northfield Elementary, Ms Tonia, Ms Kayla and their crack-team of nail-tech proto-professionals treated the faculty to relaxing hand and nail treatments to help make the day and week extraordinary!  Ms Lora, myself (Mr Jonathan) and the cream-of-the-massage-therapy-crop to Shwab Elementary school to provide 15 minute chair massages to every single teacher in the building.

Having witnessed the latter visit, I can tell you that MT worked MIRACLES that day. Between scheduling confusion and being a massage chair short, the day seemed destined to failure.  With the combination of Shwab’s event organizer Mrs Garner, Principal Dr Gibbs, Ms Lora and her team of training therapists, disaster was averted and the celebration didn’t have to stop!

Contests a Plenty

strawholderCompetitions are something we enjoy quite a bit, if you haven’t noticied. Giving the students a chance to flex their creative muscle and/or practice a vital skill while also learning how to deal with hard deadlines and social networking creates a better working familiarity with the day to day stresses of life in the beauty industry while also fostering an incredible amount of teamwork and cooperation.  Our students proudly mimic our philosophy of uplifting those around them!

While our Bodacious Battle of Beards is ongoing (click the picture to check it out and vote!), May was another record-setter for both views and votes!  The previous record for votes in a month was 150 and May saw that total doubled!

Ms Kayla and her debutantes of Nail-Tech beauty decided to try their hands (punny, right?) at creating unique Bridal Sets for a hypothetical last-minute bride-in-crisis.  Despite the fact that some of the entrants had never completed a set of nails in their life, they helped (with Cosmetology Nights) to set this voting record by creating downright GORGEOUS sets of nails, designed with that all-too-special day in mind.

Speaking of Cosmetology Nights…

Ms. Meme’s Updo-Recreation contest challenged her evening students to recreated specific updo hairstyles using a single, solitary photograph as their source.  No text books, no additional research – one picture, one updo.  They were then challenged to share their creations to solicit votes on social media – and boy did they!  Not only did they drive up the vote total, but we had more interested people email us for more information about the contest and the school than all previous blogs combined!

 Educator of the Month

ERINWhen I announced the winner for the April Educator of the month during one of our weekly staff meetings, a particular teacher approached me at the end of the meeting to ask how she could win.  I could only be honest: make sure the students know who you are when you are helping them out! Reach across programs and go the extra mile for students that aren’t even in your class or program and she would have the prize in the bag.

She took my advice quite seriously and as a result, Ms Erin swept the May Educator of Month vote, securing her victory and place in the Educator of the Month hall of fame!

Click on her photo to check out her Educator of the Month profile – and be sure to share this page and her profile! The world deserves to know about this one!

Classes, meetings and other miscellaneous shenanigans

It can be difficult to categorize some of the pictures we end of with at the end of the month.  You truly never know what amazing, fun and educational thing may be going on around the next corner, beyond the next door!  From Thai Massage demonstrations to our Student of the Month awarding (including the first ever runner-up-of-the-month the vote was so close!), we stay busy everyday doing what we do best: wellness and beauty!

Fashion forward?  Fashion-something, definitely!

These two pics were taken separately, but look kind of funny lined up on my Facebook timeline! XD

What do haircuts, pedicures and paraffin have in common with chair massages, class selfies, makeup and slime all have in common?  May 2015 at GCI Murfreesboro Campus, that’s what.  Also, they have that sentence in common.

Graduation – what it’s all about

As always, the happy times we have every-month are tinged with bittersweet farewells. Everyday we wake up and come to this beautiful building filled with good times and challenges because we know that we can make life better for ourselves and everyone around us. As a campus, our goal is to see every single student that walks through our doors off on the road of success.

On that road of success, a major rest-stop and milestone is graduation.  This month, we had to say goodbye to some of our most talented students – many of whom are already working in the industry! While the gallery below isn’t comprehensive, it’s a fantastic sampling of the success we’ve had the honor and privilege to celebrate this month!

So… What are you waiting for?

Where are you headed? We’ve set our course and we will be ever moving forward – join us!  YOU should be here, helping us make these amazing memories!  Send us a note and we’ll invite you down for a tour!


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