Each month, we hand out ballots to our students to select their nominee for the Educator of the Month award.  The rules for voters are simple: they may vote any teacher in the building except the one whose class they are currently in!  They may tout the virtues of their teachers to other students not in their class, but voting for their own is prohibited!

GCI Murfreesboro Campus May 2015 Educator of the Month…

ERINErin La’Donna Baker

What is your name? Erin La’Donna Baker

What your favorite color? Glitter

When did you start your journey in the beauty industry? I started my journey in the beauty industry in 1997 in cosmetic retail working for various cosmetic makeup lines, then received my esthetic license in 2001 then teaching license in 2010.

When did you hear about/join the GCI team? I joined GCI in November of 2014

What do you enjoy most about teaching? What I enjoy most about teaching is meeting new people and forming lifelong friendships long after they are gone.  Seeing  them progress into the field of beauty and where it takes them!

What advice would you share with fellow and aspiring educators?  The advice I would have for aspiring educators is work in the field first and get a good start there then go back and teach because a lot of what I teach in the classroom always comes from experience!!!!  Love what you do then it becomes easy to teach!!!


Want more information?  Curious about what makes the educators at Georgia Career Institute a cut above the rest?  Looking for that new career?  Give us a shout!


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