Who do you choose as the best brewed updo!?

When thinking about happiness, we often say ‘let your hair down’ as a clarion call to relaxation as a key to happiness.  Sometimes, however, you just gotta look good in order to feel your best. With that in mind, our Night Cosmetology Students (with their stalwart leader Meme) are participating in an updo-recreation contest in which they are tasked with trying to recreate a particular style from a single photograph.

For the next week we will be asking for your votes to help us decided which brewed updo you choose as the best recreation of the bunch!  Check out the styles below and vote at the bottom of the page – don’t forget to share this page in order to help us get these professionals-in-training all of the votes they deserve!

Updo A
Updo A


Updo B
Updo B


Updo B
Updo C


Updo D


Updo E
Updo E


Updo 8
Updo F
Updo G
Updo H
Updo I



Want to join the fun?  Want to be a part of our next online-voting competition?  Or heck, are you just curious to learn more!? Give us a shout below and we’ll schedule a tour of our newest campus!


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