Teacher Appreciation Week, Abroad!


May 4 – 8 2015 was National Teacher Appreciation Week, and being so engrossed in the educational process we thought it would be awesome to strike out into our communities to bring some love back to the profession that makes all other professions!  We sent two teams out into two separate schools to try and spread the love as thickly as possible!

Team One was lead by Ms Kayla and Ms Tonia from the Nail Technology and Cosmetology department as they took a talented group of Nail Tech professionals-in-training to provide relaxing hand treatments and polish changes.  By the end of the day our students had provided free services to over 50 teachers!

The students had so much fun interacting with the staff and providing a service that was very much appreciated by the staff at Northfield Elementary! They provided polish changes and hand treatment which included a scrub, paraffin, and hand massage.  We were just crazy busy the whole time we were there: 9am – 1pm! -Ms Kayla

Team 2 was headed up by Ms Laura from the Massage Therapy department, with limited assistance from yours truly (Mr Jonathan), as they journeyed to Nashville, TN to show the amazingly devoted teachers at Shwab Elementary how much their hard work is appreciated!  Together with six Massage Therapy students and three massage chairs, Ms Laura (with the help of event organizer and Art Teacher Mrs Garner and Principal Dr Gibbs) was able to arrange for every single teacher to receive a 15 minute chair massage.

Event Organizer Mrs Garner, relaxing for the camera!
Event Organizer Mrs Garner, relaxing for the camera!

Even though we encountered a few roadblocks and had to shift a few teachers’ time slots around, every single teacher that entered our room left with a completely relaxed smile from ear to ear!  If they came into our room with anything but the best of moods, our professionals-in-training displayed their expertise in changing the course of someones day with one 15 minute chair massage!

They did all of this with only three massage chairs, while the entire event (down the minute to minute scheduling) was planned with at least 4 or 5 chairs in mind! EXPERTS!

The moral of the story?  To be honest, I didn’t plan far enough ahead of writing to come up with some kind of profound moral, but it does seem clear that just showing someone that you appreciate them can go a long way to making their day, week, month, year or life just a bit better!  Kindness counts, y’all!

Want to learn some of the methods we used to show our appreciation for local teachers?  Drop us a line and we’ll schedule a tour together or just stop by one day for a service!



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