GCI Murfreesboro’s Amazing April 2015!

We’ve had a busy month!  You have my apologies for the delay on a new post – but there has been that much going on!  April was a month like no other, filled more exciting events, graduations and the highest number of votes ever were cast in our Barbie Fashion Runway contest!  Of course, we at GCI Murfreesboro decided to enter the second quarter of the year in style, with a brand new entryway into our school – no more temperamental automatic sliding doors always breaking!

A month of helping

Georgia Career Institute isn’t just another business, we understand that our community is the reason we exist at all.  Whether it’s helping prepare for prom or providing services to the lovely ladies at Saint Clair’s Senior Center, hiving back to those around us and showing kindness is one of the keys to finding and maintaining happiness and we try our best to instill this important lesson in every student that walks through our doors! Who have YOU been kind to today!?

We aren’t just concerned for those immediately around us, during the month of April we hosted local jewelry and makeup vendors to set-up shop on our sidewalks in order to help raise money for the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children.  Add to that a visit to the recent to the local VA to help out a few veterans and GCI ‘Boro’s month has been chock-full of kind happiness!

Day-to-day life on campus

Sure, we love to brag about the many events and competitions we participate in, but at the end of the day it’s all about the student and their daily experience on campus.  Every single day we focus on facilitating a positive environment for our students, staff, faculty and clients through constant encouragement, upbeat activities and lessons, fun projects and spreading kindness every chance we get.

Want to practice a new makeup technique on your best-friend?  DO IT! Just be sure to send me a picture to share with the world 😉

Our professionals in training jump at the chance to improve their current suite of skills and their tenacity for acquiring new abilities is unrivaled!  Success in the beauty industry is never guaranteed, but the hard work these students are putting in day after day give them an edge that most will never begin to understand!

Award Winning

As always, we want to be sure we acknowledge all of the award winners and competition contestants that helped to make April the brightest month so far in 2015! We’ve seen an updo contest and a Barbie Fashion Runway. We’ve awarded Elite status to a record number of Massage Therapy students, crowned a new Student of the Month and announced our educator of the month!  April’s Awards just help showcase everything we’re good at!

Farewells – and ode to our April Grads!

Finally, the bittersweet farewells that are our graduations!  While this is by no means and exhaustive catalog of #GCIBoro’s April 2015 graduates, it gives you a taste of the pure joy that permeates every inch of our campus on graduation days!  Family and family, new and old gather to mark the end of one journey and the beginning of an ever larger adventure!

 The long and short of it

Where are you headed? We’ve set our course and we will be ever moving forward – join us!  YOU should be here, helping us make these amazing memories!  Send us a note and we’ll invite you down for a tour!


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