GCI Murfreesboro’s Merry Mayhem of March 2015!


GCI – Murfreesboro Campus
If anyone thought that March would be a quiet month of recovery after such a packed February, they were more than wrong.  Along with the dawn of another spring, the students, staff and faculty of GCI ‘Boro were a collective flurry of activity: from naming the Educator of the Month to our many special guests, competitions and graduations we kept ourselves busy trying to better the lives of everyone around us!

Let’s take a quick look back at the month that is now history as we move ever forward!

Teacher of the Month and Happiness

Contrasting with February’s tight race for Educator of the Month, March’s vote had a clear, decisive winner in Ms Amy Kyser.  Ms Amy is one of our tireless champions, always giving her students everything she can possibly provide in her capacity as an educator and mentor. Having amazing people like Amy around and recognizing their awesomeness is a key factor in boosting our overall campus’ happiness as well – another theme for the month that banishes winter.

March 20th was the International Day of Happiness and as a campus, we recommitted ourselves to being happy and to helping to nurture and grow that wonderful emotion as big and as hardy as possible!

 When I grow up…

Visiting local schools and places of business to meet interested potential students and clients is a vital piece of maintaining our connection with the community!  We are a part of the amazing region that is Middle Tennessee and reaching out to connect with other businesses, clients and schools serves to strengthen everyone involved.  In March 2015, we visited both Overall Creek Elementary and Coffee County Central High for their respective career days and met dozens of future professionals from all sorts of fields of interest and expertise!

While I hope our gratefulness has been obvious, we want to express one more time how much we enjoyed our time at each of these institutes of education and how thankful we are for the invitations!

 Feeling the Flow of Kindness

During the week of the aforementioned International Day of Happiness, the entire campus was focused on putting into practice the ideas, concepts and practices that have been shown to increase and help maintain happiness.  Two of the easiest and most widely supported methods to achieve this goal are acts of kindness and getting into a state of flow.  In order to help our students find their flow and kindness, we invited several groups to our campus for happiness-inducing events: providing services and makeovers for displaced veterans from the VA and a day devoted to mothers, daughters and beauty!

As always, we found ways to also include competitions requiring concentration and skill, forcing those involved into a state of flow!

Alumnae and Alumni

Finally, we come to the bittersweet farewells!  Even if we ignored every other event and activity that this campus is involved in, our graduates would be more than enough to fill our braggart coffers.  Why?  Take a look below and realize without a doubt that our graduates are just that impressive.

Are YOU ready to start down the path of a new career and new life in the beauty industry?

Or maybe you are just curious about some of the services we offer – either way give us a shout!  Submit your information below and we will reach out to you as soon as possible and arrange a tour of our newest campus!


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