Coffee County High School Career Fair!!1!

cclogoFinding a career after High School can be mind-numbing, anxiety inducing and downright frantic.  With that in mind, the fantastic folks at Coffee County Central High School invited a collection of employers from the Middle Tennessee region to give their Juniors and Seniors a small taste of what opportunities await them upon graduation.

Ms Myers (our job-placement coordinator) invited me to join her for the day, helping students understand their options for their post-high school lives’.


We started the day in a quickly filling Library, setting up our booth in the center of the madness.  For the next six and half hours (plus a 30 minute lunch) we interacted with local employers and future professionals preparing for the next stage in their life’s journey.

As the day began to wind down, we had already met hundreds of motivated students and talked to them about potential careers in the beauty and wellness industry.  We met artist after artist just itching to express themselves in new and exciting ways!

By the day’s conclusion, we had a fun rapport with our surrounding vendors, exchanging stories of our respective professions and our hopes for this newly emerging generation.

I may have forgotten to mention that the table beside us was the Manchester Police department, who jokingly suggested I take a breathalyzer for ‘having too much fun’ due to my somewhat… unique laughter!

While spending the day with these wonderful people was a great time, we are honestly more looking forward to seeing what these students do next!  A big-ole, super-sized-sweet-tea of a THANK YOU to the staff, faculty and students at Coffee County Central High School for inviting us and making the day one to remember!

Want to learn more about Georgia Career Institute’s Nail Technology, Cosmetology, Massage or Esthetics programs and how they could help you build a new career?Reach out to us!


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