When I grow up… GCI Murfreesboro spends a day at Overall Creek Elementary

20150326_082754_HDROn March 26, 2015 I was accompanied by our professionals-in-training Katie Roehner and Mandee Lattimore to the gorgeous Overall Creek Elementary school for their student-centric career-day.  Students were encouraged to dress up as their favorite profession and talk to folks from all sort of industries, including grocery, culinary, retail and beauty, just to name a small handful.

The children were energetic, curious and well behaved while the staff and faculty were warm and welcoming to all of the exhibitors!

Personally, there were two exciting parts of the day that made the entire time worth it: watching our #GCIBoro students get excited over what they are learning and sharing that excitement with people they’ve never met and the amazing diversity of professions the kids were interested in.  For every fireman or police officer there was an Einstein or an astronaut!  The students beamed with excitement about their dreams and goals.

As always, if you want to learn more about Georgia Career Institute’s Nail Technology, Cosmetology, Massage or Esthetics programs and how they could help you build a new career, reach out to us!


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