GCI Murfreesboro March 2015 Educator Of The Month!

EducatorTrophyEach month, we hand out ballots to our students to select their nominee for the Educator of the Month award.  The rules for voters are simple: they may vote any teacher in the building except the one whose class they are currently in!  They may tout the virtues of their teachers to other students not in their class, but voting for their own is prohibited!

GCI Murfreesboro Campus February 2015 Educator of the Month…

Amy Kyser

11075215_10153244175478336_68034003898344793_nWhat is your name?
Amy Kyser

When did you start your journey in the beauty industry? 
Started teaching in 2011…been anEsthetician for 10 years and I owned a salon and spa for 4 years

How did you hear about/join the GCI team? 
I heard about a school (GCI) coming to Murfreesboro when I was graduating the esthetic program. A few years later Ms.Shuntelle brought a class over for a spa tour of my place.

She then asked me to be a guest speaker for her class. I enjoyed the visit and the feeling of being able to inspire future students .I became friends with a few staff members of GCI. Later I was called and asked if I was interested in a scholarship to teach.

What do you enjoy most about teaching?
What I enjoy most about teaching is seeing that desire in students eyes and helping to bring that to life

What advice would you share fellow and aspiring educators?
My advice to aspiring teachers….never let this become a job, when it does its time to move on.

Want more information?  Curious about what makes the educators at Georgia Career Institute a cut above the rest?  Looking for that new career?  Give us a shout!


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