What a fantastically fabulous February at GCI Murfreesboro!

February doesn’t get the love it deserves as a month.  Sure, it’s only 28 (sometimes 29) days long, most of them gray and cold.  The amazing thing about the month is just how much awesome you can cram into the shortest month of the year.  We had our first online-vote contest, submitted our best selfies, enjoyed a few rare snow-days and (of course), said our goodbyes to some of our best students: graduates moving on to the next chapter!


While it doesn’t happen very often (explaining our city’s paralysis!), every once in awhile Middle Tennessee (including Nashville and Murfreesboro) will receive a bit of beautifully harsh weather – and the storm this February was no slouch in either harshness or beauty!

February 2015 also saw our first ever Educator of the Month prize – voted on by students!  Students at night and day each cast their vote for their favorite educator – except they can’t vote for their own teacher!  Our first Educator of the Month is Cos Night’s own Ms. Michelle!  While the vote was close, miss Meme walked away with February prize – proving that making a difference isn’t something you have to wait to do!  Michelle didn’t wait to make the students love her, she never gave them a choice!

Hand and Stone of Murfreesboro stopped by to chat with our current students about potential careers in the Massage Therapy field. Providing a small career fair, even Cos students got in on the action with a current student securing an interview for a reception position while she is in school!  We also had Ms Chrissy Hammons from Joico was gracious enough to give us an entire day of her expertise helping our student learn cutting edge techniques.

We also welcomed a spa party of young ladies celebrating their friend’s 14th Birthday with a nice manicure and pedicure set of services!

While the official selfie contest winner has yet to be announced (announced on 3/3/2015 at 9:15 am!), it’s no secret that GCI Murfreesboro Campus’ students, staff and faculty are fond of the selfie.  We love our faces so much, we offer entire services dedicated to the care of our constantly smiling mugs! Be sure to check back for the winner of the selfie contest soon!

Last, but most certainly not least is a small sampling of our February graduates: the real reason we are all here!  It never stops feeling special: every week or two we get to watch a student finish this part of their journey and move forward to the next chapter. It also never gets any easier!  GCI graduates represent the best of the best in the beauty industry, and saying goodbye to such wonderful people with such talent is never easy!  Here are a few of our February graduates along with some of our upcoming grads.  We miss (and will miss) every single one of you!

Here’s the real question – are YOU ready to take the next step  Are YOU ready to start down the path of a new career and new life in the beauty industry?  Or maybe you are just curious about some of the services we offer – either way give us a shout!  Submit your information below and we will reach out to you as soon as possible and arrange a tour of our newest campus!


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