A day with GCI – McMinnville Campus!

While I spend most of my time with the Murfreesboro campus of Georgia and Tennessee Career Institutes, we have three additional campuses located in McMinnville, TN; Columbia, TN; an Conyers, GA.  Once or twice a month we do our best to visit with McMinnville and help them wrap up a few financial aid odds and ends – not to mention catching up with the students and their steady progress to becoming industry professionals!

Even our clients ask to have before and after shots!

I’m sure you haven’t forgotten, but here is a reminder of just how CLEAN and orderly the McMinnville Campus is kept!  You could eat of just about any surface in this place – if it weren’t a salon 😉

What our McMinnville campus lacks in size is more than forgotten once you are through the doors!  The students and teachers are challenging each other every day to do that much better than the day before.  From three-dimensional modelling assignments on the structure of a cell (one student made a cell-shaped cake!) to one on one instruction while preparing for a licensing exam – GCI – McMinnville is yet another location where beauty and learning grow day after day.

Want to know more!?


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