GCI ‘Boro & Stewarts Creek High School: Be your own kind of beautiful!

bldgfront building frontFebruary 3, 2015 Stewarts Creek High School hosted a visit from a few of us here at Georgia Career Institute’s Murfreesboro campus.  After Ms Joyce gave each class a virtual tour of our campus (available by clicking here) some of our amazing professionals-in-training provided small how-to services to SCHS Cosmetology students to give them a small taste of what potential students can expect when learning their trade at GCI!  Click below to check out the gallery of our day full of future beauty pros!


Georgia Career Institute – Murfreesboro professionals-in-training showing off their know-how and being honest about what to expect in school as well as sharing small tips and tricks they have picked up along the way!  Heather, Shai, Cartia, Hunter, Trista, Kelsey, Leanna and Victoria were absolutely brilliant!  Thanks to each of you for making the day so fun and easy!

The virtual tour is always a favorite for its beauty and interaction, but the purpose of our school is to create industry professionals that set a new standard for quality work.  Students at SCHS were treated to selection of various services including: hairstyle (curls, braids), nails (painting), energized foot bath, makeup application and even brow waxing!  It felt like the GCI salon floor had been transplanted for a few hours!

We want to thank the wonderful folks over at Stewarts Creek High School for allowing us to come in and share some of what we have to offer with their future graduates!  The staff, faculty and student body were fantastic and welcoming and the school is as beautiful and clean as it is large!  We hope to look forward to further visits and we’re even more excited to see what these future grads accomplish in the years to come!


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