January 2015 – Come on, be extraordinary!

Ms. Krystal
Ms. Cathy

Georgia Career Institute – Murfreesboro started the year strong with a month of new beginnings, fond farewells and contests to push our professionals-in-training to fulfill their potential.  From soup competitions that found students judging their teachers’ creations to free chair massages, GCI students, staff and faculty bring their A game everyday.

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Competition is one way we keep our students on their toes – at the drop of a hat (or clipped fingernail!) the students may be asked to create their best work of hair, nails or makeup.  Whether it’s beard wars, hair wars or nail wars, the artist inside each of our students is nurtured from day one!  January was a HUGE month for competitions in our Cosmetology program, but don’t worry – the rest of our departments aren’t far behind!

The Spa Floor is undoubtedly the place where some of the most important action happens at GCI – Murfreesboro.  Students work on real clients providing real services, always striving to provide a spa-quality experience to each guest. Teachers work side by side with their charges, giving guidance when needed and praise when earned.  Each new client and each new service provides our students with the opportunity to further refine their skills, preparing them for a successful career.

That doesn’t mean we only work on outsiders, often students will perform services on each other as well as on our faculty and staff members.  The entire staff at GCI is committed to helping every student reaching their potential, even if it means getting some practice in on us!

Murfreesboro, TN isn’t the only place Georgia Career Institute calls home and our FAO Julia Dunn and myself (Jonathan Garner) made a visit to our campus over in McMinnville, TN – and we were impressed by what we got to see.  Sure, the outside of the school may not look as impressive as the new building in Murfreesboro, but the inside was one of the finest facilities we’ve had the pleasure to visit.  With nothing out-of-place, McMinnville sets the bar for cleanliness in the beauty school industry!

You wouldn’t be blamed for not noticing the extreme cleanliness of the McMinnville campus because their student body, while small, is packed with quality students not afraid to get their hands dirty in order to become better future professionals. I’m looking forward to my next visit (in February)!

We love events.  Costume contest? Sure. Free chair massage day? Absolutely. Soup competition? Heck.yes. A school isn’t just some stodgy place of dust and books, it’s a community of teachers and learners, dreamers and dream enablers: a school is so much more than any textbook or classroom – it’s a life experience.

Classroom work isn’t the first thing that comes to mind when one thinks of beauty school, but learning in the classroom is the first step towards working on real clients on the spa floor.  From demonstrations on one another to practicing on dummy-head-and-hands each student at GCI is engaged in the classroom in an intimate environment where questions are encouraged and interaction with fellow students and the teachers is the norm.

Graduation – no other word or event in our day-to-day experience at Georgia Career Institute elicits more excitement, anxiety and warm (if slightly sad) farewells.  The culmination of every student’s educational journey, no matter their path of study, is graduation.  We do graduation a little differently here.  Instead of a mass of students in identical robes awaiting a few brief moments in which their name is read aloud and they cross a stage, we give each graduating student the attention they have earned through their own dedication and hard work. Graduation is THEIR day THEIR ceremony with THEIR family and friends.

How much more awesome does it get?

Arguably the best part of all is that a student’s graduation isn’t the end – we support all of our graduates with job placement services (both in school and after) by Murfreesboro’s 2014 Women in Business Honoree, Joyce Myers.  In addition, each student enjoys support through the student loan repayment process with a dedicated Student Loan Advocate  (me!) supported by Mr. Martin, Ms. Meadows (our owners!) and the entire faculty and staff of GCI!

Ms Joyce
Yours truly, Mr. Jonathan

The only questions left is what are you waiting for?

Why wait?                Be extraordinary!

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