Georgia Career Institute Murfreesboro Campus 2014 Virtual Yearbook

GCI BlogBook 01

2014 was a year of change and transition here at Georgia Career Institute – Murfreesboro campus.  Come along for a brief look back at a handful of moments.  Remember to sign this virtual yearbook with your comments and memories below! 🙂

It seems like a lifetime ago, but almost half of our calendar year was spent at our old location on Commerce Park Drive, across from the CO-OP!

Our old lobby and a glimpse of the salon floor

Since the move we’ve participated in a near record number of events.  From providing chair massages at the MAC to Constitution day, guest lectures by industry experts to demonstrations of new and cutting edge technology: we take beauty seriously.

The personal journey that begins at Georgia Career Institute isn’t limited to cutting hair, painting nails and studying in the classroom.  At GCI our professionals-in-training participate in various contests.  From painting windows to nails, we don’t shy away from encouraging our students to push their creative comfort zone to the brink.  Even the staff and faculty gets in on the action, often as the test subjects!

At the end of the day, we can have contests and moveGCI BlogBook 01 buildings all we want – if there is no connection between student a teacher, then the rest is empty!  At GCI, the commitment is to the student, providing incredible classroom education as well as one-on-one help on help with each client and project, as they may need.  We are educators and our purpose is to help your career dreams come true.

Taking clients and working just like they will once they graduate: professional, courteous and some of the best students in the biz. Your next client could be a staff member you see everyday or it may be SANTA HIMSELF (I know him!).

The culmination of any quest in higher education is that day every freshman thinks is an eternity away: Graduation.  This is a very small sampling of some of the folks that have moved further towards personal success during the last half of the calendar year. Each graduate at GCI leaves their mark on us – LITERALLY.  Upon completing the requirements of their program of study, each graduate signs the graduate wall in the GCI lobby – a lasting memorial.


3 thoughts on “Georgia Career Institute Murfreesboro Campus 2014 Virtual Yearbook

  1. I miss all my good friends and all the wonderful teachers who touched my life while there and especially Ms Amy who helped me find my excitement in moving forward in esthetics after I hit a very low spot there. Thank-you for being such a caring and professional teacher and helping me believe in myself again. Continue touching lives Ms Amy you make such a big difference in our life’s you will never know how much you effect your students!


  2. I also graduated from gci .. as a re-entry student .I was grateful to the school for allowing me back in after many years. I graduated in April 2014…luv yal..


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