August 2017 Educator of the Month


This year has literally flown by!  Including this month, there are only 5 more Educators of the month to be decided for the year of 2017, which means the Educator of the Year announcement is practically around the corner. Every single vote an educator receives (whether a nomination ballot or online vote) will count towards their chances of winning Educator of the Year – our third in as many years!

Take a look at the students’ nominees below and let us know who YOU think is the best of the best! Spread the word after you vote and ask others to vote too!  Our educators work their fingers to the bone and deserve some serious love!!

The Nominees


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Roshanda’s Freshmen First Foray

Ms Roshanda wants to make a statement: her freshmen have more talent than anyone should reasonably expect. Armed with what they have learned so far, the proto-professionals were challenged to create their best hairstyle – and how the creativity flowed!  Take a look below at our nine entries and decide which YOU think did the best and vote near the bottom of this page!

Don’t forget to share this and ask others to vote, too.  Heck, you can even ask them to vote for your favorite if you’d like!  Just be sure to share so these talented Cosmetologists-in-Training get the attention and exposure they surely deserve!

The Entries

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July 2017 Educator of the Month

The first half of the year has really flown by and we are ready to make the second half even better!  How better to come back from half-time than to choose a new Educator of the Month!?  AS ALWAYS, the nominees have been selected by their students and you will find their names and pictures below.  In addition to that, you will find a quote written by a student stating why this educator should be considered, why they deserve your vote!

Take a look and vote for your favorite, but please don’t forget to spread the word and share this post asking for more votes – these educators deserve the praise!

The nominees

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Ms Renee’s Great Game of Glam!

Ms Renee’s proto-professionals are back to bring you the Great Game of Glam, making over their models based on popular looks!  Take a look at the entries below and vote for your favorite.  After you have placed your vote, be sure to SHARE this and ask others to vote as well!


June 2017 Educator of the Month

We are in the final month of the first half of 2017 and it’s been a wild ride so far!  Take a look at this month’s educator of the month nominees and what their students had to say then vote for your favorite!  Don’t forget to PLEASE share this and ask others to vote too!  Our educators work hard and deserve all the recognition we can give!

The Nominees

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Lacey’s Freshmen Fresh Styles!

Never a class to disappoint, Ms Lacey’s Freshmen have brought us another stellar competition!  Take a look at the styles below (front and back!) and decide which YOU think is the overall BEST!

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May 2017 Educator of the Month

2017 doesn’t seem intent on sticking around very long – it’s already May!  Of course with the new month comes a new round of Educator of the Month voting!  Take a look at the students’ choices below and what the students had to say about the nominees!  Vote for your favorite and don’t forget to share this and ask for others to vote too!

The Nominees

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Ms Renee’s Esthetics Makeup Marvels!

Ms Renee’s freshmen are tired of being left out of the contest picture and they have brought the beauty BIG TIME with the latest entry in our long running series of student contests!  Take a look at the entries below and let us know who YOU thought did the best overall job with their makeup application!  After you’ve voted PLEASE be sure to share this post and ask others to vote!  Our proto-professionals deserve some amazing feedback on this one!

Now, take a look at the final entries and place your vote!

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April 2017 Educator of the Month

We have reached the second quarter of 2017 and time is flying!  Check out our April Educator of the Month Nominees below and read what the students at #GCIBoro had to say!  Be sure to vote for your choice and SHARE THIS!

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